Afrocolours Collecn.

Afrocolours collecn. is a small handmade company that produces quality, sustainable African-inspired handmade fashion. which includes clothing, accessories, and home decor.

 With a mission to bring the modern luxury of African fashion to all races. 

 Afrocolours C.'s aim is to make a long-lasting, multipurpose  African-inspired wear, for all races. 

My collections are for both the young and the elderly. 

Very beautiful handmade shirts. The shirts are of high quality.

Müncheberg, Germany
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California
très bon tissu et de qualité je m'attendais juste que cela soit plus proche du corps mais sûrement une erreur dans la taille de ma part
Avellaneda Helian
Le grau-du roi, France
This is my 3rd purchase. Really lovely turbans. The seller is lovely to deal with
Jodi Roan
Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Ijeoma M Seidlitz


I Am called Ijeoma Mercy Seidlitz a graduate of English Arts and Literature am Originally from Nigeria and have been in Sweden for some years, happily married, and blessed with daughters.

I am a self-taught fashion designer and my business name is AFROCOLOURS COLLECN.

My collections are ready-to-wear sustainable clothes and accessories, that are carefully Handmade.

I work with wax fabric. I also work with tie, and dye fabrics locally made in west Africa.

Afrocolours C.'s aim is to make a long-lasting, multipurpose African-inspired wear, for all races.

My collections are for both the young and the elderly.

I also recycle old fabrics and reuse and recreate them for clients' customized wear.

I mend old clothes to their former glory.


My materials, fabrics are locally sourced, while 10percent of my production is locally made at the heart of Lagos Nigeria. 90 percent are made by me.

Community Service

Most of my scrap fabrics are recycled into nicely made accessories and contributed to Non-profit organizations (NO WASTE POLICY).

I am also a member of WEST AFRICAN WOMEN ASSOCIATION {WAWA} where I have been able to teach, empower, and inspire both young girls and women on African Fabric craft.

I Run an online training for women in AFRICA on how to set up their craft business.

My fashion Sense is Afro simple, Sustainable, Comfy, and Stylish.

Mercy Ijay Seidlitz